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From sport and music, to live studio panels, awards shows and webinars. With experience in sectors ranging from healthcare and tech to conservation and finance. 

With audiences currently unable to attend events, live streaming has become a must for organisers who want to deliver their message online to the world. Streaming live to multiple destinations on social media or to a select chosen audience offers an opportunity to tell your story and engage your viewers. But since people now only see your event through a screen, the look and feel of the broadcast is more important than ever. Your live stream now needs to be TV quality and that’s where we come in! Years of Live TV broadcasting and Live Streaming gives us the credentials needed to take your online show to the next level. 

Go Live to Every Major Platform

Stream your live event to three destinations simultaneously, seamless integration with major platforms.





Stream to your custom RTMP 


Our live streaming packages keep things simple. You provide the internet connection, we film and stream your event. If you need something more we customise our packages so our streaming services meet your needs.

Send a Stream

Package Includes

£100/ event

Our Streaming Engineer

Streaming to a social channel

You just supply the video

1 Camera + Stream

Package Includes

£500 / event 

Streaming to a social channel

1 HD camera 

Single microphone or feed from PA

2 Cameras + Stream

Package Includes

£800 / event

Streaming to a social channel

2 HD Cameras + Slide Presentation, logos 

two microphones or feed from PA

For more enquries regarding our live stream services please leave your details via the contact form.

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